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“Skate Asia” 

Our international “Skate Asia” competition event has grown into a premier annual highlight event for all Asian skaters. We also invite and welcome participants from the USA & the Middle East, Japan, to enjoy this festive and very unique ice-skating event which is hosted in a different country each year.

 The first ISI “Skate Asia” competition was held in 1989 in Hong Kong as an international event to feature Asian skaters. Skaters from Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and the USA participated in the week-long event.

 This competition was not held again for 10 years due to a lack of adequate ice rink development and numbers of skaters in Asia. With the rapid growth of ice rinks throughout the region in the mid-1990’s, the event was held again in 1999.

 The 1999 & 2000 & 2008 competition events were held at Sunway Pyramid Ice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 550 skaters from 24 ice rinks in 10 countries participated and there were over 2,000 entries that took more than 65 hours of competition running time to complete.

 In 2001, the competition returned to Hong Kong and was our most successful event to date. There were 963 skaters from 20 ice rinks participating in more than 3,588 event entries. The events were held at Cityplaza Ice Palace and the new Festival Walk Glacier rink on the Kowloon side.

 In 2002, the event moved to Bangkok, Thailand for the first time. It was also the first time we used an Olympic-size ice surface to stage our event. The World Ice Skating Center rink on the 7th floor was a spectacular setting for this historical Thai skating event.

 While previous “Skate Asia” events had always counted on huge local skater participation to make the competition successful, this event in Bangkok was the first time that more than 400 overseas skaters participated in any international ice-skating competition event!

 With 522 skaters from 25 ice rinks and 12 countries (the most countries ever) this was the most widely attended competition in Asia! There was a total of 3,000 entries (only 588 less entries than the previous Hong Kong with about 441 less skaters), which also made this the highest average number of events per skater for any ISI competition event worldwide.

 This fact is very significant as it proves that fewer skaters in more events can also create a very successful and profitable event.

Our “Skate Asia” event was canceled in 2003 due to the Asian SARS epidemic and the Iraq War.

In 2004, our event moved to Taipei, Taiwan as the largest international ice-skating event ever staged in that country. There were some 560 skaters from 11 ice rinks in six countries represented. Taiwan boasted the largest-ever ISI skating team with a strong 235 skaters – quite an amazing feat since the Taiwan Ice Sports Arena rink had only been open since January of that year.

There were more than 2,150 entries in the 7-day event, and we had to deal with Typhoon Aere to keep our events running in the middle of the competition week.

We had participation from the Taiwan ISU Short Track Speed Skating Team in our ISI Speedracing events and they also participated in Surprise and Team Surprise events as well.

 For 2005, we went back to Bangkok, Thailand again – but to yet another brand new Olympic-size skating facility. Imperial World Ice Skating in the suburb of Samrong was the site for our 2005 event.

The competition was yet another huge success and we welcomed 450 skaters from 19 ice rinks in 10 countries. A special highlight of this event was the wonderful “Thai Cultural Night” arranged by our hosts.

In 2006, we made history again with our first international event staged in the brand-new Olympic size World Ice Arena in Shenzhen, China. This was our biggest “Skate Asia” event to date with 1,082 skaters from 25 ice rinks participating in more than 4,692 entries for our 8-day event.

The fabulous Opening Ceremony showcased great skating along with huge drums, a spectacular Chinese gymnastic exhibition and a 100-foot long Chinese dragon on ice!

For 2007, the fabulous SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines was the venue for our event. This event was the largest international ice-skating competition ever staged in the Philippines. With sponsorship support from the Dept. of Tourism and Philippine Airlines, the management staff of Shoemart pulled out all the stops for our event at two rinks for 7 days.

For 2009, We know that many of you were disappointed that there was no Skate Asia event for 2009

For 2010, China Resources Sun Hung Kai, developers of the MIXC, the MIXC Residence and the Park Hyatt Hotel are proud to announce that our new Olympic size rink will open in early 2010 and has applied to ISIAsia to host Skate Asia in August 2010.

For 2011, More than 700 skaters participated in Skate Asia 2011, which will be held at Imperial Ice World, located on the outskirts of beautiful Bangkok, Thailand.

Sunway Pyramid Ice, Malaysia once again organized Skate Asia in 2012. More than 650 skaters participated in this competition.

For 2013, The Rink Ice Arena hosted Skate Asia 2013. It was more than 2500 events was registered for this event. It was another successful event in Bangkok.

 Due to unforeseen circumstances, Skate Asia was cancelled in 2014, the competition was supposed to be held in Manila.

For 2015, China Resources Sun Hung Kai, once again brought Skate Asia back to China. This time, Skate Asia 2015 was organized in the new MIXC mall in Qingdao, China.

For 2016, Sunway Pyramid Ice organized for the fourth time to host Skate Asia. More than 700 skaters with 2700 events participated in Skate Asia 2016.

For 2017,we made history again with our first Skate Asia in Indonesia. BX Rink Bintaro Jaya Indonesia successfully organized Skate Asia in Indonesia and ISIAsia launched their 1st Coaching Accreditation in Indonesia.

For 2018, Skate Asia was organized once more in Bangkok. The Rink Ice Arena organized Skate Asia for the second time. It was another successful competition.

Therefore……DON’T MISS IT! MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW to be a part of this year’s historic and colorful “Skate Asia 2019” competition as we return the Skate Asia to beautiful Bangkok. Sub Zero Mega Bangna will organize their 1st Skate Asia in their rink. Make a plan, and we can’t wait to see you in Bangkok.

Come and experience the wonderful Thailand culture and hospitality as you enjoy a wonderful holiday and participate in the largest – and truly “international” – recreational skating competition event in Asia!